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Jealous Fruits Ltd

fresh cherries
Lake Country, British Columbia

The Geen family has grown healthy, opulent, delicious cherries for over 110 years.From the very beginning, our cherry orchards earned a stellar reputation for quality. In season, customers would come from all over the Okanagan Valley to purchase our freshly picked cherries. Our little fruit stand did well.Some years, if crops permitted, we would even send a few truck load of fresh cherries to select grocers in Vancouver. Today, Jealous Fruits is the leader in the British Columbian export cherry industry, and our namesake brand is the foremost Canadian cherry brand worldwide. Superb quality is at the heart of our global success. Nature gives us a leading edge as British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley has a perfect moderate climate for growing large, flavourful, sweet cherries. We diligently nurture our orchards to further enhance our geographical advantage. Our cherry orchards are managed to achieve optimum yields of highly sugared, firm fleshed cherries, with a strong shelf life. Further, our northerly latitude puts us in a unique market window after the bulk of the US harvest is complete. Science also has a hand in our business model. Together with the Pacific Agriculture Research Centre in Summerland, BC, Jealous Fruits continuously experiments and pioneers in the development of new and exciting cherry varieties.


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