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Lahmar Olive Oil

extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil; dates
Gatineau, Quebec

Lahmar uses traditional methods in cultivating and producing olive oil. Our natural grown products help reduce our carbon footprint and gives our consumers health benefits. Our EVOO comes from the Lahmar mill located in the region of Mahdia in Tunisia ,where we have an annual production of 4,000 tons of organic EVOO and 3,000 tons of EVOO. Lahmar is a third generation company and the importance of our family name gives us great credibility. Every batch we produce is lab tested with IOOC regulations and because there is no one but the Lahmar company that cultivates ,processes and bottles our oil , we can give you traceability from harvest to end product. Our EVOO is shipped to our North American facility in Gatineau where we store up to 200,000 liters in our stainless steel containers and it’s also where we bottle our EVOO for consumer use. The Lahmar Mill in Tunisia has 50 permanent employees that work between 5 to 6 days a week over the cultivation period which starts in November and lasts till March. These farmers work from 8am to 5 pm when there is no rain in the forecast. They make a decent wage, equivalent to $450 to $500 Canadian dollars a month (over 2x minimum wage for the region). Every year, at the end of cultivation, Lahmar also gives all their employees enough olive oil to use in their kitchens till next harvest!

Lahmar ships in large volume packaging in order to reduce packaging weight.



  • Authentic Flavors
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