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Soulanges Mills

traceable flours and brans
Saint-Polycarpe, Quebec

We are creators and producers of specialty flour. We offer innovative flour solutions for the bakery and food industries while helping the environment and promoting local, Agriculture Raisonnée™-certified farming practices. Agriculture Raisonnée™ is our trademark here’s a few characteristics

– Respecting biodiversity: a transitional agriculture from conventional to organic.
– Fully traceable crops: ensures a documented follow-up of all our crops.
– Local food movement: supply of local grain, privileged link with the farmer.
– Environment: reduction of the carbon footprint, reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

The concept of Soulanges Mills sprouted out of a partnership between farmers, a miller, and bakers whose goal was to develop extremely high-quality flours while respecting the environment. Therefore, we built and strengthened our mill in accordance with this value chain concept. Our specialty flours are made from an exceptional blend of wheats, grown using Sustainable program, an approach that incorporates innovative agricultural practices, which aim to preserve the environment. Soulanges Mills can accompany you in all your projects. From research to specific baking needs, we help you through all the steps of the process. Whether it is a personalized flour, specially blend for you, or one from our collection, we have what you need.

Soulanges Mills is also profiled in Ideally Canadian. Visit here to learn more.


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